Once upon a time...

(This is the story of how the glitter app came to be)

It was a cold winter day walking the streets of Philadelphia when the ‘aha’ moment came – MilkCrate founder Morgan Berman was inspired to find a way to use her company’s app building platform to incentivize people to map out and pick up the piles of litter covering the city. After a few years of thinking and designing, someone new popped up on her instagram feed… @yafavtrashman aka Terrill Haigler. The rest is history!

Glitter is an app that allows people to do two basic things: #1 report litter and #2 get paid to pick it up. It’s that simple. Think Lyft for litter. By partnering with community and eco-minded companies we put ‘bounties’ on litter piles and dirty blocks. In return these brands are building good will, getting access to our user base, promotional placement in the app and at our events, and inclusion in @YaFavTrashman’s social media posts among other perks (Email us to learn more

We are on a mission to clean up our city and putting money in the pockets of people who need it.

This app is the culmination of our collective decades of advocacy, design, and direct cleanup experience – from a former sanitation worker to a civic association president, to the City of Philadelphia’s former Zero Waste Czar, and a staff attorney at the Clean Air Council – together, with the hard work and passion of our neighbors we are going to pick up the litter and make this city glitter!

Terrill Haigler aka Ya Fav Trashman

Less than three months after accepting the position as laborer for the Philadelphia Sanitation Department, Terrill Haigler became an essential worker. To bridge the gap between residents and sanitation workers he created the Instagram page @_yafavtrashman to give residents an inside look as to what sanitation workers experience during the pandemic. Catapulting him to Philly’s latest viral sensation. Visit website.

Morgan Berman aka Morgan Berman

Morgan is an internationally recognized and award-winning entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of MilkCrate. She is a community leader with a passion for impact serving on multiple nonprofits boards and the President of her Civic Association. She has been recognized by Forbes, The United Nations Foundation, US Department of State, The United Way, and many others. Her website, and MilkCrate’s website.

Susan Jin Davis

Senior Advisor

Former Chief Sustainability Officer, Comcast NBCUniversal, Global Impact Leader, APA, Renowned Women’s Leadership, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Speaker.

Brandon Pousley


Discovering and solving Glitter customer needs through strategy, design, technology, and logistics. Learning designer, entrepreneur, and litter picker.

Kieran Riley Abbott

User Experience

Kieran is a Philly-based UX and website designer with a background in the fine art and nonprofit sectors.

Drew Speranza

Customer Experience

Drew is a Client Success leader with a focus on creating clear communications and a seamless experience for Glitter customers.

Fraser Marlow

Cleaner Support

Head of Digital Go-To-Market at talend. General urban neat freak.

Lindsey Schuler

Community Growth

A neighborhood advocate and nonprofit professional, Lindsey is helping build relationships and test deployment.

Nicolette Epifani

Resource Development

Nicolette brings her strategic approach in fundraising to help develop resources for Glitter.