Get your block cleaned every week with Glitter.

Glitter connects you with a trained cleaner for a litter cleaning service to keep your block looking its best.

How Subscriptions Work

Reliable Weekly Cleanings

We send a Glitter cleaner every week to clean up stray trash, recyclables, and litter from the sidewalks, streets, and storm drains on both sides of the street. The average weekly cleaning removes over 2 bags of litter and takes 90 minutes.

Share and Save

Subscriptions cost $50 per week (billed as $200 every 4 weeks) and can be funded individually or split by any number of neighbors. The cost per-person depends on how many sign-up and adjusts automatically as more join.

Frequently Asked Questions

A block is one city street between two major intersections and includes both sides of the street. We label and group blocks by rounding house numbers down to the nearest hundred. For example, 2600-2699 W Girard addresses all share one block subscription.

We clean all blocks the day before city trash collection. Bagged litter is placed curbside for pickup each week by the city.

We make it easy for blocks to get and stay funded with predictable charges that never exceed any individual’s budget.

When you join a subscription we ask you the most you are willing to contribute in any 4-week period. We do the math to make sure the block stays funded and no one pays more than they are comfortable. As more neighbors join, the per-person rate goes down and the savings are automatically passed on to every subscriber.

We facilitate and directly manage all payments individually with neighbors.

It may take time to get commitment from neighbors and businesses to support a shared subscription. We provide a digital block homepage and sign-up link you can use to recruit neighbors.

Some choose to self-fund a subscription to get it started and find that neighbors are encouraged to join once they see the impact our cleaners have each week.

We created the Glitter Impact Fund to support residents in under-resourced neighborhoods with a 40% reduced-rate subscription.

Generous contributions from subscribers and donors make Impact Fund subscriptions possible. Glitter provides matching funds for every dollar contributed to the fund.

About Our Cleaners

Every subscriber block is maintained by a trained Glitter Cleaner. We prioritize hiring from underemployed populations and are proud to offer paid training, free branded gear and supplies, a $16 per hour starting wage and company profit-sharing.

Our diverse cohort of cleaners include young people funding their education, retired individuals on fixed incomes, and those navigating reentry following incarceration. All of our cleaners are passionate about improving our neighborhoods and creating a cleaner and safer Philadelphia.

Glitter Cleaner Spotlight

“I’ve been working to better our city through nonprofits, the arts, and grassroots projects for over 20 years. If we want to see a cleaner and safer city, we must take action to make it happen. I’m committed to the mission of reducing the epidemic of blight from our first class city.”

— Jay P.

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