Get Paid To Clean

Get Paid To Pick Up Litter & Make The City Glitter

Photo: “Filthadelphia” by Kid Hazo. Photograph courtesy of Conrad Benner.

Become a paid cleaner with Glitter

Philadelphia is our home. Your home. It is where we work and raise our kids. It is where we spend our lives. Instead of living in the status quo of filth and waiting for someone else to fix it, let’s come together and clean it up.
Help make a difference and get paid for it!
Apply to be a Glitter Cleaner today. Like right now. No really, why would you even waste (pun not intended) time reading this instead of applying?

How much can you make as a Cleaner?

Pay depends on how many blocks you manage and the level of litter on those blocks but it can range from $100-$200 per month per block. As we grow and demand allows, Glitter Cleaners could take on many more streets and earn much more money! Maybe the side-hustle hobby can even become a main gig.

What does a Cleaner do?

You will be responsible for keeping your streets litter-free on a weekly basis and reporting your work with a photo report via the private Glitter Team app. If you need someone to come to pick up your bagged litter, just let us know, there is no cost to you. More answers can be found on our FAQ Page.

Want to apply to be a Cleaner?

All you need to do is share why you are interested. We are reviewing applicants now and will make offers based on our expansion to your neighborhood.