Join the Glitter Cleaner Team!

Earn $25 per block per week with paid training, branded gear, and free supplies.

We celebrate a diverse cohort of cleaners who share our passion and commitment for a cleaner, safer, and more optimistic city.

We prioritize hiring from underemployed populations and welcome those from all backgrounds.

How It Works

Weekly Cleanings

Glitter Cleaners maintain blocks by picking up litter from the sidewalks, streets, and storm drains on both sides of the street. The average weekly cleaning removes over 2 bags of litter and takes 90 minutes. Cleanups occur the day before city trash collection. Bagged litter is placed curbside for pickup each week.


Glitter Cleaners are paid $25 per block per week and are eligible for additional incentives and company profit-sharing. We provide paid training, a branded safety vest, and free supplies like trash bags, gloves, and sweeper tools.

Scheduling and Tracking

We assign blocks that are convenient to each cleaner’s location and schedule. Most cleaners commit to the same blocks every week. Blocks are managed and tracked via a mobile app. Before and after photos of each cleanup help subscribers track progress over time.

Glitter Cleaner Stories

“I’ve been working to better our city with nonprofits, the arts, and grassroots projects for over 20 years. If we want to see a cleaner and safer city, we must take action. I’m committed to reducing this epidemic of blight. Let's do this!"
Jay P.
North Philly Cleaner
“I have a felony conviction that has impacted my ability to find reliable employment. While I regretfully cannot change the past, Glitter provides me with hope of a new life in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to clean up the city I love and call home.”
West Philly Cleaner
“Glitter is great because you can make an immediate difference. People are very nice when they see what I’m doing and always thank me. I believe that Philly can get so much better and I’m excited to be working with others toward that future.”
South Philly Cleaner

Ready to Apply?

We’re hiring cleaners to meet subscriber demand across the city.

We’d love for you to join our team and help us make Philly a cleaner and better place to live!