Ways To Support


Donate to Glitter via the button below

Clean Block Subscription

Want the litter off your block? With Glitter you can pay to a Cleaner to keep it clean! Each subscriber will be assigned their own Glitter Cleaner and be thanked by Ya Fav Trashman on Instagram.


Sign up here for the $140 monthly subscription and get weekly cleanings


Can’t afford the $140 on your own? No problem! Just fill out this form and collect the emails of your neighbors that will split it with you.  


Neighborhood Wide Cleaning

Are you on the board of a civic or other neighborhood organization and want to help sign up your neighbors for Glitter? Get in touch and we can send you materials to share with them! Emails us at getglitterapp@gmail.com

Corporate Impact Sponsorship

Businesses have a lot to gain when they partner with Glitter – the first is cleaning up a neighborhood that matters to them. And the second is great brand exposure and promotion in our app and with our partner @YaFavTrashman. Want to learn more? GET IN TOUCH to learn about our Sponsorship Tiers and pricing.