We're Teaming up to Clean up South Philly!

PhillyLiving pledges $20,000 in matching contributions for new Glitter subscriptions in South Philadelphia.

Sign up today for weekly cleanups and receive 50% off for the first 3 months. Check out our map to see if your block is already subscribed.

Click map to see if your block is already subscribed.

PhillyLiving Pledges $20k for Glitter Cleanups

Partnering for Impact

PhillyLiving and Glitter are teaming up to tackle the Philly litter issue. Our goal is to make a clean block affordable to every neighbor.

Sign Up and Save

Matching contributions provide 50% off for the first 3 months for all new Glitter subscriptions. Sign up today to begin your weekly cleanups!

Cleanup Kickoff

We’ve kicked off this partnership in October with a month of free cleanups. Check out our map to see the blocks we cleaned!

Funding provided by PhillyLiving, PhillyLiving Management Group, and Center City Development.

“We want the streets where we live and work and invest our time and money to be clean. We know our clients and neighbors want the same thing, so we are proud to partner with Glitter to make an immediate and lasting impact.”

Noah Ostroff, Founder and CEO of PhillyLiving

How Glitter Subscriptions Work

Block Cleanups Every Week

We send a Glitter cleaner every week to your block to clean up litter and trash from the sidewalks, street, and storm drains. The typical cleaning removes over 2 bags of litter and takes 60 minutes. Blocks include both sides of the street between two major intersections.

Share and Save

Subscriptions can be shared by any number of neighbors. Everyone pledges an amount that works for their budget. When we raise enough to fund cleanups, we collect payment and schedule a cleaner. As more neighbors join, shared savings are passed along every month.

Invite your Neighbors

When you sign up, we'll send you a custom fundraising page you can share with neighbors to gather contributions. Cleanups begin once-a-month with as little as 25% of funding pledged. Additional contributions increase the frequency until we're cleaning every week!

Frequently Asked Questions

PhillyLiving is matching all neighbor contributions for the first 3 months of new Glitter subscriptions in the 19146 and 19147 zip codes.

For example, if you pledge $25, PhillyLiving will chip in another $25—helping the block get funded quickly and affordably. Matching contributions cover up to 50% of the cost of a new subscription for the first 12 weeks.

The funds are first-come, first-served. Additional blocks will be placed on a “waiting list” and if new funding becomes available, it will be applied on a rolling basis.

Our main focus is removing litter and trash from the sidewalks, street, and storm drains. When time allows, we’ll also sweep up leaves, other debris, and pull weeds. However, many blocks require most of our time just focused on litter and trash.

We’ll sweep up anything that is safe. Our cleaners are trained to safely handle and dispose of needles. We do not handle other hazardous materials such as unbagged pet waste.

A block is one city street between two major intersections and includes both sides of the street. The average block in Philadelphia is 450 ft long and has 80 households!

The cost of a subscription can be shared by any number of neighbors.

We make it easy for blocks to get funded with predictable charges that never exceed anyone’s budget. When signing up, every neighbor makes an individual pledge that works for them. As more neighbors join, the shared savings are passed along every month.

Subscribers have the option to schedule cleanups the day before or after trash day.

Before trash day, we leave bagged litter and trash curbside for city collection the next day. 

After trash day, we coordinate with a volunteering neighbor on the block to hold the bag to put out curbside the next week.

We are piloting neighborhood-wide after trash day cleanups in select areas and partnering with city sanitation crews to collect those bags the same day.

We’re able to start most block cleanups within a week or two after funding.

Cleanups begin once-a-month when as little as 25% of funding is pledged. Additional neighbor contributions increase the frequency until we’re cleaning every week.

We provide a fundraising page and print materials to that you can share with neighbors to encourage participation.

We want every block in Philadelphia to have affordable access to clean streets. The Glitter Impact Fund covers the cost of one week’s cleanup every month for eligible blocks—that’s a 25% savings on the cost of a subscription.

Every block has a unique context, history, and makeup of neighbors and businesses. Therefore, we invite every block to self-select to be considered for a reduced rate and we make funding available on a block-by-block basis.

To learn more about the cleanup campaign and matching contributions, contact Glitter at hello@getglitterapp.com


Individuals looking to buy, sell, rent or manage property with the PhillyLiving Team should contact info@phillyliving.com

About Our Cleaners

Every subscriber block is maintained by a trained Glitter Cleaner. We prioritize hiring from underemployed populations and are proud to offer paid training, free branded gear and supplies, a $20 per hour starting wage and company profit-sharing.

Our cohort of cleaners includes all walks of life—students funding their education, retired people on fixed income, and individuals navigating reentry. All of our cleaners share a passion to improve our neighborhoods and create a cleaner and brighter Philadelphia.

Glitter Cleaner Spotlight

“I’ve been working to better our city through nonprofits, the arts, and grassroots projects for 20+ years. If we want to see a cleaner and safer city, we must take action. I’m committed to the mission of reducing the epidemic of blight from our first class city.”

— J.P.

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