Glitter Impact Fund

A map of family income and neighborhood litter reveals a challenging reality in Philadelphia.

The city’s litter problem is not evenly distributed. And the neighborhoods most negatively impacted have the fewest resources to access solutions.

We’ve launched the Glitter Impact Fund to give every neighborhood an affordable path to a clean street. Eligible blocks save 25% on the cost of a subscription.

Save 25%

That’s one free cleanup on us every month!

Matching Funds

Glitter matches every dollar contributed to the fund by subscribers and donors.

Weekly Service

Neighbors enjoy the same reliable service from a trained Glitter Cleaner every week.

Mission-Aligned Impact

Our core beliefs drive our commitment to the Glitter Impact Fund:

  • We believe that everyone deserves to live on a safe, clean street.

  • We believe that clean streets are a necessary condition for overall community betterment.

  • We believe that communities get stronger when empowered with tools, opportunity, and investment.

  • We believe that consistent, positive interactions—no matter how small—have a cumulative effect and inspire change.

Help us Fund Clean Streets for Everyone

What the Research Says

"People are sensitive to what they see as normal behavior and they’ll change to adapt to what's around them. If you see an environment that is highly littered, you litter. If there is no litter, you are significantly less likely to."
"Revitalized spaces in blighted urban areas can help improve safety and health, such as reducing crime, violence, and stress levels.”
“After trash cleanup interventions, gun violence decreased significantly. The steepest drop in crime (29%) was in the blocks surrounding vacant lots where residents live below the poverty line."