How To Clean

#1 Log in to Glitter Cleaner with the account we gave you

You will receive an email from us with a link to download the private Glitter Team app. This app is different from the public Glitter app. Be sure you are logged in using the username and password we gave you as your blocks will already be assigned to you and your name will be on them in the map. Do not make a new account, only use the one we gave you. If you forget it contact us at

#2 Click “Record Weekly Block Cleaning”

#2 This button is where you can see the map of all the sponsored blocks. Your blocks have your name in the title. To see your block or blocks (if you have more than one assigned to you) just type your name into the search bar at the top of the screen. You must clean your block(s) at least once a week, ideally ~ 24 hrs after trash pickup. This will help ensure the cleanliness of the block since a lot of litter gets created during the time before and after pick-up.

#3 Find Your Block(s)

Type your name in the search bar to see the block(s) you’ve been assigned to clean. Your name will appear in the name of each block that you are assigned. You can only clean these blocks and you will only get paid for cleaning these blocks. If you accidentally record on someone else’s block tell us immediately

#4 Submit your cleaned block(s) photo


For your block(s) you need to open up that page and click the small camera button under the word “Comments” and add a photo of the block you just cleaned so we can be sure it looks good! **You need to write the date you cleaned the bloc in the Comment Box for example “09/12/2021”. Hit submit or it won’t show up and you won’t get paid.**


Be sure to log a new clean photo and date every week and if you have more than one block you need to do this for each block.

Getting Paid:

You will be paid every Monday assuming your report was received for the previous week. If there are issues we will be in touch to work them out. Please always reach out to us if you have issues – we are all learning together as we build this community of paid anti-litter heros!


Contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback!

Safety is #1